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Sunco Metal Washers(Surface Treatment (Details):Electroless Nickel Plating)

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Product Series
Days to Ship
Types (Applications)
Surface Treatment
I.D. d(mm)
Thread Nominal (M)
Thread Nominal (inch)
Thickness T(mm)
Sales Unit
Material: Steel
Thickness t(inch)
Material: Stainless Steel
Surface Treatment (Details)
Type, Spring Washers
Type, Toothed Washer
Outer Diameter D(inch)

    Spring Washer, Spring Washer No. 2

      Round Washer JIS




      Product Series

      Spring Washer, Spring Washer No. 2【1-2,000 Pieces Per Package】

      Round Washer JIS【1-10,000 Pieces Per Package】

      Days to Ship 6 Days or more

      Stock Items Included

      6 Days or more

      Stock Items Included

      Types (Applications)Spring WashersFlat Washers
      TypeSpring WashersFlat Washers
      Surface TreatmentElectroless Nickel PlatingElectroless Nickel Plating
      I.D. d(mm)4.1 ~ 16.23.3 ~ 17
      Thread Nominal (M)4 ~ 163 ~ 16
      Thread Nominal (inch)--
      Thickness T(mm)1 ~ 40.5 ~ 2.6
      Sales UnitBox/Pack ~ Sold Separately (product can be purchased individually)Box/Pack ~ Sold Separately (product can be purchased individually)
      Material: SteelSWRHLow Carbon Steel
      Thickness t(inch)--
      Material: Stainless Steel--
      Surface Treatment (Details)Electroless Nickel PlatingElectroless Nickel Plating
      Type, Spring WashersStandard-
      Type, Toothed Washer--
      Outer Diameter D(inch)--


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