Delivering improvements in durability, reinforcing and repair of female threads.
RECOIL is manufactured in Australia. We cover anywhere in the world, with sales and distribution centers in North America, Asia and Europe.
RECOIL delivers consistent product quality from the headquarters plant. With production based on design standards, the company has become trusted by users from all over the world.
Inserts are manufactured to all standards for metric and imperial threads. The factory provides consistency from design to production and supports non-standard inserts made from special components.
RECOIL's wide-reaching distribution and inventory network ensures that RECOIL products can be rapidly and securely be delivered to customers around the world.
RECOIL is compliant with the following strict quality management system standards in order to have the highest possible quality production system.
Management System
ISO90001 Accredited
ISO14001 Accredited
TS16949 Accredited