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NS TOOL Thread Mills

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Overall Length (L)(mm)

    MMTS Micro Threading Tool



    Product Series

    MMTS Micro Threading Tool

    Days to Ship 6 Days or more
    Thread TypesOthers
    Thread Size (Nominal)S0.1 ~ S1.4
    Pitch (P), Thread Count(mm)0.025 ~ 0.3
    Tool Material TypeCarbide
    Work MaterialLow-Carbon Steel (C Content of 0.25% or Less)[◎] / Medium-Carbon Steel (C Content 0.25 - 0.45%)[◎] / High-Carbon Steel (C Content Exceeding 0.45%)[◎] / Alloy Steel (SCM)[◎] / Stainless Steel (SUS)[◎] / Heat-Treated Steel (25 - 35 HRC)[◎] / Heat-Treated Steel (35 - 45 HRC)[◎] / Heat-Treated Steel (45 - 55 HRC)[◎] / High-Hardness Steel (50 - 60 HRC)[○] / Tool Steel (Before SKD Quenching)[◎] / Copper (Cu)[◎] / Brass (Bs)[◎] / Brass Cast Iron (BsC)[◎] / Bronze (PB)[◎] / Rolled Aluminum Material (AL)[◎] / Cast Aluminum Alloy (AC, ADC)[◎] / Titanium Alloy (Ti-6Al-4V Equivalent)[◎] / Thermosetting Plastic (Bakelite, Phenol etc.)[◎] / Thermoplastic (PVC, Nylon etc.)[◎]
    Tap ModelTapping Cutter
    Bore Model-
    Coating PresenceIncluded
    Coating TypeTiAlN
    Overall Length (L)(mm)45


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