K.M. Seiko Screws for Building Materials(Surface Treatment:Trivalent Chromate)

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Surface Treatment
Mounting Hole Shape
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    LGS Screw Trumpet Head (Dry Wall)

      Framing Screw Flat Head (D=6) - LGS Tip with Phillips Head


      K.M. Seiko

      K.M. Seiko

      Product Series

      LGS Screw Trumpet Head (Dry Wall)【200-1,000 Pieces Per Package】

      Framing Screw Flat Head (D=6) - LGS Tip with Phillips Head【1,000 Pieces Per Package】

      Days to Ship 7 Days or more 6 Days or more
      TypesA thin metal sheetA thin metal sheet
      Nominal of Thread (M)3 ~ 4.24
      Length20 ~ 7514
      Surface TreatmentTrivalent ChromateTrivalent Chromate
      Mounting Hole Shape-Phillips
      Sales UnitBox/packageBox/package


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