Chamfering, Centering Tool(Tool Diameter (D):1/64)

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Product Series
Days to Ship
Point Angle(θ)
Tool Diameter (D)(mm)
Work Material
Single Blade / Double Blade
Peripheral Blade Availability
Tool Material Type
Coating Presence
Coating Type
R Size ( R )(mm)

    Center Drill, Okabe Standard, Type 1 60°



    Product Series

    Center Drill, Okabe Standard, Type 1 60°

    Days to Ship Quote
    UseCentering (Positioning)
    Point Angle(θ)60
    Tool Diameter (D)(mm)1/64
    Work MaterialGeneral Steel[○]
    Single Blade / Double BladeDouble Blade
    Peripheral Blade AvailabilityNone
    Tool Material TypeHigh-Speed Steel
    Coating PresenceNone
    Coating TypeNon-Coated
    R Size ( R )(mm)-


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