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Straight Shank & End Mill Shank Drill Bits (HSS)(Page34)

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Product Series
Days to Ship
Hole Diameter (Drilling Diameter) D(mm)
Groove Length (ℓ)(mm)
Work Material
Tool Material Type
Overall Length (L)(mm)
Link Model
Coating Presence
Coating Type
Oil-Hole Presence

    AG Power Semi-Long Drill AGPSLSD



    Product Series

    AG Power Semi-Long Drill AGPSLSD

    Days to Ship 7 Days or more
    Hole Diameter (Drilling Diameter) D(mm)1 ~ 13
    Groove Length (ℓ)(mm)26 ~ 134
    Work MaterialGeneral Steel[○] / Heat-Treated Steel[○] / Cast Iron[○]
    Tool Material TypeCobalt High-Speed Steel
    Overall Length (L)(mm)48 ~ 184
    Link ModelStraight Link
    Coating PresenceIncluded
    Coating TypeFor General Steel (AlCrN etc.)
    Oil-Hole PresenceNone


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