Carbide Square End Mill(Page18)

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Product Series
Days to Ship
Flute Diameter (D)(φ)
Work Material
Flute Length (ℓ)(mm)
Number of Flutes(sheet)
Link Diameter (d)(mm)
Overall Length (L)(mm)
Length Under Neck (ℓ1)(mm)
Processing Applications
Flute Shape
Helix Angle (θ)

    Diamond-Coated Diamond-Cut Router (2 Bottom Blades) DIA-DCE



    Product Series

    Diamond-Coated Diamond-Cut Router (2 Bottom Blades) DIA-DCE

    Days to Ship 6 Days or more
    Flute Diameter (D)(φ)6 ~ 10
    Work Material-
    Flute Length (ℓ)(mm)19 ~ 32
    Number of Flutes(sheet)-
    CoatingDiamond Coat
    Link Diameter (d)(mm)6 ~ 10
    Overall Length (L)(mm)60 ~ 80
    Length Under Neck (ℓ1)(mm)-
    Processing Applications-
    Flute Shape-
    Helix Angle (θ)-


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