Personal TVOC Monitor FTVR-01 (Part Numbers)

Personal TVOC Monitor FTVR-01
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【Product Specifications】
・Model number: FTVR-01
・Target gas: Various kinds of volatile organic compound (VOC) gas, mainly toluene, xylene, ethylbenzene, and styrene
・Detecting method: Semiconductor type gas sensor
・Detectable concentration range: Setting 1/1 - 1000μg/kL, Setting 2/1 - 10000μg/kL
・Measurement interval: 1 minutes interval (standard)
・Display: TVOC concentration, Temperature, Humidity:
・Power supply: AA nickel hydride battery x 4 or AC adapter
・Size: 76 x 27 x 140mm
・Weight: Approx 300g
・Accessories: AC adapter, CD-ROM, Communication cable, Simplified zero adjustment set, Ni-MH battery, Charger

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