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Thermo Label LI Series【40 Pieces Per Package】

Thermo Label LI Series
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· ThermoLabel® sharply changes color at a specific temperature. Irreversible heat sensitive material that will not return to the original color once it has been discolored.
· The color-changing temperature indicating element indicates the correct temperature with high accuracy by using the melting point of refined and stable meltable pigment.
· The temperature-indicating element is sealed with a heat-resistant film, preventing it from being affected by water, chemicals, oil, or environmental atmospheres. (LI, F, 3E, 4E, 5E, 8E combinations)
· Since heat-resistant adhesive is applied to the back of the ThermoLabel®, it can be pasted on the temperature sensing part just by peeling off the backing paper (release paper).

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40 Pieces Per Package


14 Days or more

[White] WhiteMaroon750688559508-Discoloration: ±2°CTemperature Display Element Dimensions : 11φLI-75Thermo label (R) LI (irreversible), RoHS compliant40 sheets

40 Pieces Per Package


14 Days or more

[White] WhiteMaroon1000688559513-Discoloration: ±2°CTemperature Display Element Dimensions : 11φLI-100Thermo label (R) LI (irreversible), RoHS compliant40 sheets


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Product Type Temperature Indicating Material For Temperature Management Number Contained In A Packet 40 sheets

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