VVF Stripper P-929

VVF Stripper P-929

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A tool for electric facilities which saves considerable time with the "single action" of gripping the handle.
· Achieves quick and clean finish from cutting to peeling off coating in a single action simply by gripping the handle.
· The blade cutting depth to the cable can be adjusted by 5 steps, corresponding to different hardness and coating thickness according to the wire manufacturer.
· Actively used for electrical proficiency tests. Specialized tool for stripping wires.
· Supports cable exterior / core wire, 1.6/2.0 mm 2 or 3-core strips.
· Supports eco-wires that require a unique technique in stripping the coating.
· As less of the blade is exposed compared with the electric knife, unexpected injuries can be prevented.
· Can be used for stripping and cutting of the coating.

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Body/Related Products Core wire coated strip conforming Cable sheathing strip conforming Weight

6 Days or more

180.5Main BodyVVF cable / EM-EEF cable : 1.6/2.0 mmφVVF cable/EM-EEF cable: 1.6 mm 2 cores/1.6 mm x 3 cores, 2.0 mm x 2 cores / 2.0 mm x 3 cores367Blade cutting depth can be adjusted in 5 steps. The larger the number, the deeper the blade cutting.

6 Days or more

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