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Valve Compound

Valve Compound
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· Non-solidified grinding wheel.
· Abrasive carborundum GC is kneaded with oil, creating a very versatile product which can be used for grinding, removing rust, and polishing valves and shafts.
· Carborundum GC (Green Carborundum): GC is a green silicon carbide abrasive with high SiC purity. Has the second highest hardness next to diamond, and is an excellent abrasive which self-sustains sharp grinding power by crushing into fragments. Can be used for a wide range of applications from polishing hard metal and cutlery to polishing of brass, soft metals such as copper and alloy, and resins.
· This product is for surface polishing and lapping polishing.

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6 Days or more

250gThis product is for surface polishing and lapping polishing.Silicon carbide (SiC: Carborundum), mineral oil, thickening agent


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Basic Information

Product Type abrasive Particle Size(#) 240 Capacity 200g
Abstract GC fine Trusco Code 123-6555

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