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Simple Power Meter (Part Numbers)

Simple Power Meter
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· A handy product that allows you to measure the hourly usage cost of electricity, total electricity cost, current electrical power, total electrical power, and CO2 discharge amounts.
· The display can be easily switched by pushing the button once.
· Helpful for saving and improving on electricity bills, as well as playing a part in improving the global environment by reducing CO2 emissions.
· Flame-retardant resin is employed, taking safety into consideration.
· JET PSE mark certified product.
· Useful for checking the running costs of home appliances (energy saving).

Part Number

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Part Number
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to Ship Mass
Rated Voltage Capacity

6 Days or more

90AC100V、50/60Hz15 A or less (1,500 W or less)


  1. 1

Basic Information

Product Type Power meter Calibration Not Applicable Drip-proof and Waterproof function NA
Dimension (width)(mm) 60 Dimension (vertical)(mm) 69 Thickness(mm) 33.5
Trusco Code 402-7094

Please check the type/dimensions/specifications of the part TKD-01 in the Simple Power Meter series.

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