Adjustable Relief Series KBM20-50- *

Adjustable Relief Series KBM20-50- *

If an oil pressure generated due to a collision exceeds the set pressure, the relief function is activated and the resistance force is maintained below a certain level. The set pressure can be adjusted.

・Kayaba's unique porous orifice (KBM, KBMA, KBMD, KBA series) and tapered groove orifice (KBMT series) achieve ideal energy absorption and smooth stop.
· Even high speed shock such as injection molding picking robot shock can be stopped surely and softly.
· It is possible to stop smoothly with the low-speed series.
・As this product employs the oil lock mechanism, no bottoming occurs and the KYB mini buffer can be used as a stopper without any change.
・No stopper is needed.
・Two or more units can be used in parallel because there is less variability in performance.
・Being a Kayaba's unique porous orifice series, it can be used without adjustment within the usable range.
・Thanks to the sound-damping cap, quiet stoppage is achieved even when a high-speed collision occurs.
・Mountable in 360 degree directions.
・Available in a wide range of energy absorption from 1.2 to 392 J (0.12 to 40 kgf・m).
・Available in an energy absorption of 118 to 392 J (12 to 40 kgf・m) and a mounting screw diameter of M25 and M36 series.
・Adjustable utilizing a relief valve.

Part Number
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to Ship Equivalent Collision Mass
Ambient Operating Temperature Range
Equivalent Collision Mass for Collision Speed of 1 m/s

6 Days


6 Days


6 Days



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Basic Information

Main Body/Related Parts Main Body Performance Adjustment Adjustable Type Orifice Structure Multi-Orifice Type
Operating Environment Standard Nominal Mounting Screw [M] 36 Body Material Steel
Absorbed Energy E(J) 390 Stroke S(mm) 50 Mounting Screw Diameter(mm) M36
Max. Collision Velocity(m/s) 3 Full length Lmax(mm) 229 Average Drag(N) 7800
Piston Rod Return Force (N)(N) 81.4 Usage Frequency (Times per Minute)(cycle/min) 8 O.D. D(φ) 53
Allowable Eccentricity Angle θ(deg) 1 Absorbed amount of energy per minute(J/min) 3140 Tip caps Provided
Pitch(mm) 1.5 Piston Diameter(mm) 20

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