Carbide Pilot Hole Correction Boring Bit

Carbide Pilot Hole Correction Boring Bit

If the hole pitch has an intersection or the inclination tolerance of the hole is demanding, the bend of the hole can be modified by using this product before finishing with the reamer.

Carbide Pilot Hole Correction Boring Bit:Related Image
Part Number
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to Ship Tool Diameter
No. Shank Diameter d
Overall Length L
Runout Length (ℓ)
Tool Material Type

8 Days

1.8 ~ 233406 ~ 10Carbide

8 Days

1.8 ~ 3.544506 ~ 15Carbide

8 Days

2.5 ~ 5666010 ~ 20Carbide


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Carbide Pilot Hole Correction Boring Bit:Related Image

Model Number Flute Diameter
0.1 mm Increment Designation
Recess Length

1 mm Increment Designation
Overall Length
Shank Diameter
BRB31.8 ~ 2.06 ~ 10403
41.8 ~ 2.46 ~ 10504
2.5 ~ 3.510 ~ 15
62.5 ~ 3.010 ~ 15606
3.1 ~ 5.010 ~ 20

More Information

When there is tolerance on the hole pitch, or when the allowable margin of error in the hole inclination is very limited, the use of this product before finishing with a reamer allows the hole skew to be corrected.

■Reference examples of machining process
(when positional accuracy, diameter precision, or surface roughness are required)
Finished DiameterDiameter of Pilot Hole
(drill diameter)
Diameter of Pilot Hole
(bit diameter)
Pentagonal, Hexagonal
Ø 2.0Ø 1.7Ø 1.8Ø 1.98Ø 2.00
Ø 2.5Ø 2.2Ø 2.3Ø 2.48Ø 2.50
Ø 3.0Ø 2.7Ø 2.8Ø 2.98Ø 3.00
Ø 3.5Ø 3.2Ø 3.3Ø 3.48Ø 3.50
Ø 4.0Ø 3.7Ø 3.8Ø 3.98Ø 4.00
Ø 4.5Ø 4.2Ø 4.3Ø 4.48Ø 4.50
Ø 5.0Ø 4.7Ø 4.8Ø 4.98Ø 5.00
[ ! ]Machine the finished diameter with a spiral reamer, after drilling pilot holes, if only positional accuracy is required. (a pentagonal or hexagonal reamer is not required)

■ Cutting Conditions
Bit DiameterFeed Rate
F (mm/min)
Revolution Speed
Ø 1.8223,700
Ø 2.3253,400
Ø 2.8273,100
Ø 3.3282,900
Ø 3.8302,700
Ø 4.3312,500
Ø 4.8322,300

Basic Information

Shank type End Mill Shank Work Material General Steel / Heat-Treated Steel / Stainless Steel / Cast Iron / Aluminum / Copper Coating Presence None
Groove Shape Straight Base-Blade Availability None Diameter Tolerance(mm) -0.02 ~ 0

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