Screwdriver, Insulated Torque Screwdriver

Screwdriver, Insulated Torque Screwdriver

Adjustable in the range of tightening torque value of 10 ~ 50 kgf/cm

● Tightening torque value ranges are from 10 to 50 kgf·cm, adjustable at 0.25 kgf·cm minimum increments.
● Apart from the screw bits, everything is insulated that makes this product incredibly useful when tightening screws on electrical machinery.
● You can feel and verify when the screwdriver reaches its torque value as the clutch releases and there is a sound and feeling of it idling.
● Installed is a freely rotating protector that allows you to tighten screws without touching the torque adjusting ring.
● As the torque value is indicated via the screw diameter, you can tighten screws to the corresponding torque value by simply setting the position of the screw diameter.
● Weight: 410 g

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Insulated Torque Screwdriver:Related ImageInsulated Torque Screwdriver:Related Image
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Product Classification Precision Driver Set Weight(G) 410 Tip Size No. 2, Blade Thickness 0.8

Please check the type/dimensions/specifications of the part TD500 in the Screwdriver, Insulated Torque Screwdriver series.

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