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Flexible Coaxial Cable 50/75Ω

Flexible Coaxial Cable 50/75Ω
  • Volume Discount

Flexible model with excellent bending characteristics         

  • Flex-Resistant
  • Strand Wire
  • Single Shield

● In a bending test conducted, coaxial cables NA3C2VR and NARG58R withstood over 260,000 bends and 440,000 bends respectively.

· Be careful not to confuse specified length and quantity when ordering.
· The Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law certificate has not been obtained.
∙ The bending test data is measurement values and is not guaranteed.

The Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law certificate has not been obtained.


Moveable Coaxial Cable 50 / 75 Ω:Related Image

Operating Temperature Range-10 ~ 60°C
Bending RadiusFinished Outer Diameter x 8 (Fixed Part Only)

Model NumberTotal Length
Specified Length
NA3C2VR1 ~ 100
(Specify 1 m Increment)

More Information

Moveable Coaxial Cable 50 / 75 Ω:Related Image

Model NumberSpecified LengthInternal ConductorInsulatorOuter Conductor 1SheathApproximate Mass
kg / km
Pc / mm
Outer Diameter
Approx. mm
MaterialOuter Diameter
Approx. mm
MaterialWire OD
Outer Diameter
Approx. mm
Outer Diameter
Approx. mm
NA3C2VR1 ~ 100 m
(Specify 1 m Increment)
Copper wire
19 / 0.1
0.5Polyethylene3.1Copper wire0.143.8PVC0.8
5.4 ± 0.545
NARG58RTin Plated Annealed Copper Wire19 / 0.180.9Polyethylene2.9Tin Plated Annealed Copper Wire0.133.6PVC0.74.95 ± 0.1540
Electrical Properties
Model NumberCharacteristic Impedance
Standard Attenuation (Unit: dB / km)Electrical Properties
1MHz10MHz30MHz200MHz400MHz900MHz2000MHzInner Conductor Resistance Ω / km (20°C)Insulation ResistanceTest Voltage
NA3C2VR75 ± 3
4883227---1251,000 MΩ
or more
NARG58R50 ± 3----35654696040.71000V

Flexibility Test Data
Model NumberMeasurement ItemsNumber of Bends
Initial100,000 Times200,000 Times264,546 Times300,000 Times400,000 Times446,300 Times
NA3C2VRCharacteristic Impedance (10 MHz) Breakage 
Attenuation (10 MHz)0.440.440.44
NARG58RCharacteristic Impedance (10 MHz)49.950.049.949.949.950.0Wire Breakage
Attenuation (10 MHz)0.470.440.450.430.430.44
* Unit Characteristic Impedance (Ω), Attenuation (dB / km)
Test Conditions
1) Bending Radius (R): 40 mm
2) Load (W): 5 N
3) Bending Speed: 40 Times / Minute (Single left / right reciprocating motion counted as 1.)
4) Cable Length: 10 m
Part Number
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to Ship Number of cores
Finished outer diameter
Shield Other Features

6 Days or more

15.4 ± 0.5YesElastic, Vibration-resistant, Flexible, Pliable

6 Days or more

14.95 ± 0.15YesElastic, Vibration-resistant, Flexible, Pliable


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Basic Information

Total length(m) 100 Sheath (outer coating) material PVC Insulation body materials Polyethylene

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