XS2 Waterproof Male Connector for Sensor (Screw Type)

XS2 Waterproof Male Connector for Sensor (Screw Type)
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Manufactured by ORMON. XS2 connector designed with sensor usage in mind.

  • IP67
  • For Signal
  • Connection between Boards
  • Sensor
  • Screw Type
  • Solder
  • Gold Plated

● A compact, male model, waterproof connector for sensors.
● There are 2 models of connection methods, solder model, and screw model, which do not require a dedicated tool.
● It has an IP67 class waterproof property and is suitable for connecting to a sensor cable that is exposed to severe environments.
● The cable clamp uses a rubber tightening and cap twisting method, ensuring that you can hold the cable stably.
● Available for AC power supply and DC power supply.

·For tightening the cap, do not use tools such as pliers etc. To avoid damage, always tighten by hand.
·If the tightening of the cap is insufficient, the IP67 waterproofing properties cannot be maintained. Tighten to approximately 0.39 to 0.49 N·m (4 to 5 kgf·cm).


XS2 Waterproof Male Connector (Screw Model) for Sensor:Related Image

ModelWiring MethodPower Supply IdentificationNumber of CoresTypeWeight

More Information

XS2 Waterproof Male Connector (Screw Model) for Sensor:Related Image
Part Number
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to Ship Connector series initials Allowable Voltage
Wire connection method

6 Days or more

V / W / X250Solder

6 Days or more

V / W / X125Screw-fastened

6 Days or more

V / W / X125Solder


  1. 1

Material / Finish

Item Materials Finish
Contact Brass Nickel Base Gold Plating (0.4 μm)
Screw Part Brass Nickel-plated
Cap PBT Resin UL94V-0, Black
Cable Clamp Polyamide Resin UL94V-0, White
Lock Spring LCP Resin
Waterproof Bushing Rubber
Cover PBT Resin UL94V-0, Black
O-Ring Rubber
Waterproof Cap Brass Nickel-plated


Item Characteristics
Rated Current 3 A
Rated Voltage For DC: 125 VDC, for AC: 250 VAC
Contact Resistance 40 mΩ or less (20 mV or less, at 100 mA or less)
Insulation Resistance 1,000 MΩ or more (at 500 VDC)
Peak Voltage 1,500 VAC, 1 minute (Leakage Current of 1 mA or less)
Protective Structure IP67 (IEC529)
Insertion and Removal Durability 200 times or more
Assembly Part Fixing Strength Tension: 98 N (10 kgf) / 15 s
Rotation: 0.98 N・m (10 kgf・cm) / 15 s
Cable Retention Force 98 N (10 kgf) / 15 s
Operating Temperature Range -25 ~ +70°C

Compatible Wire Size

Wiring Method Cable Finished Outer Diameter AWG Size Conductor Cross-sectional Area
Screw Method φ5 mm ~ φ6 mm 24 ~ 18 0.18 mm2 ~ 0.75 mm2
Soldering Method 24 ~ 20 0.18 mm2 ~ 0.5 mm2

Contact Arrangement Diagram

Cable End Treatment Method

Basic Information

Connector shape Round Model V W X XS2 Applicable pin/contact Male (Plug)
Number of cores 4 Application Cable-to-cable Allowable Current(A) 3
Connection direction Straight IP Rating Yes Detaching Method Others

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