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693 Connector European/Waterproof/Panel Mountable (Screw)

693 Connector European/Waterproof/Panel Mountable (Screw)
  • Volume Discount

Manufactured by Binder. Uses plastic for the body material to ensure light weight.

  • UL
  • VDE
  • SEV
  • IP67
  • For Signal
  • Solder
  • Screw Lock

● Connects to straight model.
● Since the main body is made of resin, it is very lightweight.  

·Each core number includes one earth pin.
·Wire connection is performed via screw for 4-core models, and screw or solder for 7-core models.


693 European/Waterproof Panel Mountable Connector (Screw):Related Image

ModelNumber of CoresContact ShapeWire
Connection Method

More Information

693 European/Waterproof Panel Mountable Connector (Screw):Related Image
693 European/Waterproof Panel Mountable Connector (Screw):Related Image
Part Number
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to Ship Connector series initials Applicable pin/contact Number of cores Allowable Current
Allowable Voltage
Wire connection method

6 Days or more

NumberMale (Plug)710250Screw-fastened

6 Days or more

NumberFemale (Socket)710250Screw-fastened

6 Days or more

NumberMale (Plug)416400Screw-fastened

Same day


NumberFemale (Socket)416400Screw-fastened

6 Days or more

NumberMale (Plug)710250Solder

6 Days or more

NumberFemale (Socket)710250Solder


  1. 1

European Standard Waterproof Medium-sized Connector (693)


● It is a power connector that meets the VDE (Germany), UL (USA), and SEV (Switzerland) standards.
● The body is made of plastic and is lightweight, so it is ideal as a waterproof connector for moving parts and travellers.
● It offers waterproof functionality of degree IP67 when the connector is mated.
● It can be used with various cable clamps for PG screws.
● Safe structure is used, in which the earth pin makes contact first.

Material / Finish

Item Materials Finish
Insulator PBT Black
Body Shell Glass-filled PBT Black
Contact Male (Brass), Female (Phosphor Bronze) Silver Plating

* Regarding the definition of the rated voltage in VDE0110, the environment that is actually used is divided in advance into 4 levels (1, 2, 3, and 4), and the suitable rated voltage for each is set.
Level 3: The state where there is conductive pollution, or the state where dry non-conductive pollution becomes conductive due to condensation
- Applicable Equipment -
Electrical equipment in industrial and agricultural areas, non-heated rooms, workshops, and boiler rooms

Common Specifications

Item 4-core (Screw Type)* 7-core (Screw Type, Solder Type)*
Rated Current 16 A or lower 10 A or lower
Rated Voltage (VDE0110 / Level 3)** 400 VAC or less 250 VAC or less
Peak Voltage 2,250 VAC 1,750 VAC
Insulation Resistance 1,012 Ω or more
Contact Resistance 5 mΩ or less
Number of Insertions / Removals 500 times or more
Operating Temperature Range (Note) -40°C ~ +100°C
Compatible Electric Wire Conductor Cross-sectional Area 2.5 mm2 or less 0.75 mm2 or less
AWG 14 or less 18 or less

* Each core number includes 1 earth pin.

Combination Method

Contact Arrangement Diagram

Compatible with various cable clamps for PG screws
Connector Wire Compatible Finished Diameter φmm
4-core 3.5 ~ 8
7-core 6 ~ 12

* When replacing the cable clamp, please replace also the waterproofing ring and clamp screws which are included as standard.

Back of the 7-core Screw-type Panel Mount

Basic Information

Connector shape Round Model Number 693 Application Cable-to-panel Mount
Connection direction Straight IP Rating Yes Representative standards UL
Other Standards (VDE) Other Standards (SEV) Detaching Method Others

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