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MR Connector, Extension Hooded Connector

MR Connector, Extension Hooded Connector
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Manufactured by Honda Tsushin Kogyo, Ltd. MR Hood for Relaying.

● It can be used to relay with connector with straight hood or vertical and horizontal combined hood.
● It is compatible with both the screw lock and one-touch lock.
● It can be used in common with the male (pin) and female (socket) of the MR connector. 

· It cannot be used for purposes other than relaying.
· It does not allow coupling between relay hoods.
· This product is not waterproof.
· Select the used wire upon checking the cable extraction port size.
· Use with the fixing bracket (MR-R4+)


 MR Extension Hooded Connector:Related Image

ModelNumber of CoresTypeWeight
MR-8LK2+8Hood for
Sales: Misumi / Manufacturer: Honda Tsushin Kogyo Co., LTD.

More Information

MR Extension Hooded Connector:Related Image
Part Number
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to Ship RoHSCores Number of Cores

6 Days or more


6 Days or more


6 Days or more


6 Days or more


6 Days or more


6 Days or more



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Material / Finish

Item Materials Finish
Insulator Diallyl Phthalate Resin Blue
Male Contact Brass Silver Plating
Female Contact Phosphor Bronze Silver Plating
Hood ABS Resin Gray
Spring-lock Stainless Steel -
Fixing Bracket Zinc Die-cast Zinc Uni-chrome Plated

Connector x Hood Combination Table

Straight For Vertical and Horizontal Dual-use Straight Relay
MR- * L+ MR- * LW+ MR- * LK2+

Hood x Hood Combination Chart

Hood Straight For Vertical and Horizontal Dual-use Straight Relay
MR- * L+ MR- * LW+ MR- * LK2+
Straight MR- * L+ x x
For Vertical and Horizontal Dual-use MR- * LW+ x x
Straight Relay MR- * LK2+ x

・Connectors can be coupled if they have the same core numbers and are a combination of male <--> female.

Contact Arrangement ◆Male (Pin)

* Female (socket) would have the right and left reversed. (View from the connector cable connection side.)

Compatible Wire

AWG mm2
Size 28 ~ 24 0.08 ~ 0.2

(Please make sure that the finished OD of the cable is equal to or smaller than the cable clamp ID of the hood)

Electrical Properties

Item Characteristics Conditions
Rated Current 3 A or less Allowable current of single contact after coupling
Rated Voltage 300 VAC or less Allowable voltage within operating temperature range
Contact Resistance 5 mΩ or less Measured at 1 ADC
Insulation Resistance 1,000 MΩ or more Measured at 500 VDC
Peak Voltage 1,000 VAC No insulation breakdown after 1 min of application
Operating Temperature Range -40°C ~ +105°C -

Mechanical Properties

Item Characteristics Conditions
Extraction Force Per Single Core Insertion Force: 300 g or less, Extraction Force: 50 g or more 0.6±0.01 measured with flat steel gauge
Vibration Resistance No cracks or looseness after testing Tested at 1.5 mm Amplitude, 10 Hz ~ 55 Hz Vibration Frequency, Acceleration Speed of 15 G
Impact Resistance No abnormalities or cracks in any parts Tested at Acceleration Speed of 50 G
Insertion and Removal Durability Contact resistance is 10 mΩ /1 ADC Measured after being inserted/extracted 1,000 times

Environmental Properties

Item Characteristics Conditions
Temperature Resistance No abnormalities or cracks in any parts Measured after being tested at -55°C ~ +85°C
Humidity Resistance 1,000 MΩ Insulation Resistance / 500 VDC,
Peak Voltage 1,000 VAC / min
Measured at 90 ~ 95% Humidity, 96 H Duration and 40°C Temperature
Corrosion Resistance With no significant corrosion and 10 mΩ / 1 ADC or less contact resistance Measured after being tested in 5% salt water for 48 hours

Basic Information

Connector Shape Square Type Series Initials M· N· O MR IP Rating N/A

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