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For Low Voltage Power Supplies (AC100V/200V)

For Low Voltage Power Supplies (AC100V/200V)
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High-performance model no follow current and excellent responsiveness. Class II • III (JIS C5381-1) for low voltages

● Has excellent responsiveness, high performance and discontinuous flow
∙ Response Speed: 3 nsec or lower
∙ Maximum discharge current (Imax) protects the power source from 20 kA, 40 kA (8 / 20 μs), lightning surges, switching surges, and multiple-lightning strikes
● With a safety function in case of degradation
∙ Built-in detachment device
∙ Visual inspection from clear inspection window
● Supports both DIN rail mounting and screw mounting
● Easy, secure inspection and detachment mechanism
∙ Allows measurement of circuit insulation resistance (megger test)
● It can be used for connecting ground electrodes
● For other precautions, see website


For Low Voltage Power Supplies (100 / 200 VAC):Related Image

Model NumberWeight (g)

More Information

For Low Voltage Power Supplies (100 / 200 VAC):Related Image
For Low Voltage Power Supplies (100 / 200 VAC):Related Image
Characteristics Table
Model NumberMaximum Continuous Use Voltage
(50 / 60 Hz)
Nominal Discharge Current
(8 / 20 μs) Note 1)
Maximum Discharge Current
(8 / 20 μs) Imax
Voltage Protection Level
Up Note 2)
Operation Starting Voltage Note 3)Operating Temperature RangeOuter Case Protection RatingUsage Wire Range
MSPD-12L110 VAC10 kA20 kA (3 Times)700 V or less250 V ± 12 %-20°C ~ +70°CIP205.5 mm2 ~ 14 mm2
MSPD-13L230 VAC1,200 V or less500 V ± 12%
● Display compliant with JIS C 5381-1.
Note 1) Applied 17 times using JIS C 5381-1. Excellent current value.
Note 2) Value obtained when nominal discharge current (ln) is applied.
Note 3) Indicates operation starting voltage when DC 1 mA is applied.
■Precautions for Use
● Apply leakage protection with a leakage breaker installed upstream from the power system of the equipment to be protected.
∙ Do not use with voltage exceeding the maximum continuous use voltage.
∙ The product is designed for indoor use. Do not use for outdoor applications.
● Do not use in areas exposed to direct sunlight or areas exceeding the usage temperature range such as near heat sources.
● Do not use in areas exposed to wind and rain, areas where there is steam, or areas of high humidity.
● Do not use in areas with large amounts of dust or salt, or subject the product to acid, alkali, corrosive gases, solvents, cutting fluid, lubricant, etc.
● Do not apply strong vibration, impact (fall, etc.), or pressure to the product as it may cause cracking.
Part Number
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to Ship RoHSMaximum Continuous Use Voltage Voltage Protection Level Operation Start Voltage

6 Days or more

10110 VAC700 V or Less250V ± 12 %

6 Days or more

10230 VAC1,200 V or Less500V ± 12 %


  1. 1

Basic Information

Use For Power Supply Voltage 100 VAC Type Monopolar Model
Mounting Method DIN / Screw Mounting Category Class II / Category III Sizes Vertical(mm) 96
Sizes Width(mm) 25 Sizes Depth(mm) 61.5 Nominal Discharge Current (8 / 20 μs) 10 kA
Maximum Discharge Current (8 / 20 μs) 20 kA (3 times)

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