[Motorized] Horizontal Surface Z-Axis - Cross Roller

[Motorized] Horizontal Surface Z-Axis - Cross Roller
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Heavy Load Type with 196N of load capacity and Low Profile Type with 40mm of height are added to the product line-up.


  • After November 1, 2018, there will be some slight specification changes of Motor Type as below.
    [Current Type]PK544-NB-C16→[New Type]PK544PB-C18
    [Current Type]EE-SX4134→[New Type]EE-SX4320
[Motorized] Horizontal Surface Z-Axis - Cross Roller:Related Image
[ ! ]The sensor cover position shown for ZLMPTG on the diagram is L (Standard).
[ ! ]See the CAD data for detailed dimensions.
[ M ] Material: Aluminum Alloy
[ S ] Surface Treatment ZLMPG, ZLMPTG604F:
Black Anodize ZLMPTG704F: Clear Anodize
[ A ] Accessory ZLMPG808: SCB4-16 (4 pcs.)
ZLMPG12012:SCB6-16 (4 pcs.)
ZLMPTG:SCB4-14 (4 pcs.)


Part Number - Cable    
ZLMPG808 - N    
Part Number Cable Mechanical Standards Accuracy Standards
Type No. Stage Surface (mm) Travel Distance (mm) Weight (kg) Unidirectional Positioning Accuracy Moment Rigidity ("/N•cm)
Pitching Yawing Rolling
■High Load Capacity
808 N(Cable not included (separately sold))
For cables separately sold, see MSCB_ option on P.1-1735-95
80×100 8 2.0 - 0.24 0.12 0.03
12012 120×120 12 3.6 0.2 0.11 0.01
■Low Profile
604F 60×60 4 1.14 7µm or less 0.2 0.04 0.14
704F 70×70 1.18

Part Number 

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Part Number
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to Ship Resolution
Stroke (Z Distance)
Load Capacity (Range)
Allowable Load
Maximum Velocity

10 Days


10 Days


10 Days


10 Days



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More Information

[Motorized] Horizontal Surface Z-Axis - Cross Roller:Related Image
[Motorized] Horizontal Surface Z-Axis - Cross Roller:Related Image
[Motorized] Horizontal Surface Z-Axis - Cross Roller:Related Image
[Motorized] Horizontal Surface Z-Axis - Cross Roller:Related Image
■Common Specifications
No. 808/12012 604F/704F
Feed Screw Ball Screw Ø6/Ø8, Lead 1 Ball Screw Ø8, Lead 1
Guide Cross Roller Guide
Positioning repeatability Within ±0.5µm
Load Capacity 196N 68.6N
Lost Motion 1µm or less
Parallelism 50µm or less
■Electrical Specifications
Motor Type 5-Phase Stepping Motor 0.75A/Phase
Step Angle 0.72° 0.72°
Resolution (Pulse) Full/Half ≈0.73µm/0.365µm 0.5m/0.25m
Max. Speed ≈3.7mm/sec 2.5mm/sec
Connector Part Number HR10A-10R-12P(73) (Hirose Electric Co., LTD.)
Compatible Receptacle Connector HR10A-10P-12S(73) (Hirose Electric Co., LTD.)
Sensor Limit Sensor Provided
Home Position Sensor (ORG1) Provided
Slit Home Origin Sensor (ORG2) Not Provided Provided
Power Supply Voltage DC5~24V±10%
Current Consumption 35mA or less Total: 60mA or less
Control Output NPN Open Collector Output
DC5~24V, 100mA or less

Residual Voltage: 0.8V or Less
(when load current is 100mA)
Residual Voltage: 0.4V or Less
(when load current is 40mA)
NPN Open Collector Output
DC30V or less, 50mA or less

Residual Voltage: 0.3V or Less
(when load current is 2mA)
Output Logic* Detecting (Dark):
Output Transistor OFF (Non-Conducting)

Basic Information

Type Z-Axis Motorized Stages Motor, Motor Characteristics 5-Phase Stepping Motor Material Aluminum
Guide Cross Roller Table feeding methods Ball screw Z-Axis Stage Surface Horizontal
Surface Treatment Black Anodize Through Hole (Table Center Hole) No

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