[Motorized] Z-Axis - Cross Roller

[Motorized] Z-Axis - Cross Roller:Related Image
[Motorized] Z-Axis - Cross Roller:Related Image
[Motorized] Z-Axis - Cross Roller:Related Image
[Motorized] Z-Axis - Cross Roller:Related Image
[ ! ]See the CAD data for detailed dimensions.
[ ! ]The sensor cover position shown on the diagram is L (Standard).
[ M ] Material Aluminum Alloy
[ S ] Surface Treatment Clear Anodize (ZMPTG725)
Black Anodize (ZMPTG830/1040/1250)
[ A ] Accessory ZMPTG725/830 SCB4-6
ZMPTG1040 SCB4-10
ZMPTG1250 SCB6-12


Part Number - Sensor - Cable
ZMPTG725 - L - N
Part Number Sensor Cable Mechanical Standards Accuracy Standards
Type No. Stage Surface (mm) Travel Distance (mm) Weight (kg) Unidirectional Positioning Accuracy Pitching Yawing
ZMPTG 725 L (Standard)
N (Not Provided)
The cable is separately sold.
70×70 25 1.3 15µm or less 20" or less 15" or less
830 80×80 30 1.49
1040 100×100 40 2.7
1250 120×120 50 4.0
[ ! ]The above accuracy specifications below are certified for single-axis horizontal mounting orientation.

Part Number 

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Part Number
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to Ship RoHSTable Length
Table width
Stroke (Z Distance)
Surface Treatment Load Capacity (Range)
Allowable Load
Maximum Velocity
Table Straightness
Moment Rigidity (Pitching)
Moment Rigidity (Yawing)
Moment Rigidity (Rolling)
Sensor selection

13 Days

610010040Black Anodize50.1~10073.51020.040.040.02L

13 Days

610010040Black Anodize50.1~10073.51020.040.040.02R

13 Days

612012050Black Anodize50.1~10073.51020.030.020.02L

13 Days

612012050Black Anodize50.1~10073.51020.030.020.02R

13 Days

6707025Clear Anodize30.1~50491020.090.070.07L

13 Days

6707025Clear Anodize30.1~50491020.090.070.07R

13 Days

6808030Black Anodize50.1~10073.51020.050.040.03L

13 Days

6808030Black Anodize50.1~10073.51020.050.040.03R


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More Information

[Motorized] Z-Axis - Cross Roller:Related Image
[Motorized] Z-Axis - Cross Roller:Related Image
[Motorized] Z-Axis - Cross Roller:Related Image
[Motorized] Z-Axis - Cross Roller:Related Image
■Common Specifications
No. 725 830 1040 1250
Feed Screw Ball Screw Ø6, Lead 1 Ball Screw Ø8, Lead 1
Guide Cross Roller Guide
Resolution Full 1µm
Half 0.5µm
Fine 0.05µm (upon 1/20 partitioned)
Max. Speed 10mm/sec
Positioning repeatability Within ±0.3µm
Load Capacity *1 49N 73.5N
Lost Motion 1µm or less
Backlash 0.5µm or less
Straightness 1µm
Parallelism 30µm or less
Motion Parallelism 10µm or less 15µm or less
[ ! ]The above specifications are for single-axis horizontal mounting orientation.
*1. Only for load capacity, the above specifications are for Z-Axis.
■Electrical Specifications
No 725 830 1040 1250
Motor Type 5-Phase Stepping Motor 0.75A/Phase (Oriental Motor Co., Ltd.)
Step Angle 0.36°
Connector Applicable Receptacle Connector HR10A-10P-12S (73) (Hirose Electric Co., LTD.)
Sensor Limit Sensor Provided
Slit Home Origin Sensor (ORG2) Provided
Home Position Sensor (ORG1) Provided
Part Number Photo Sensor PM-L25 (Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNX Co., Ltd.)
Power Supply Voltage DC5~24V ±10%
Current Consumption 60mA or less (15mA per Sensor)
Control Output NPN Open Collector Output DC30V or less, 50mA or less
Residual Voltage 2V or less (when load current is 50mA)
Residual Voltage 1V or less (when load current is 16mA)
Output Logic Limit, ORG1: While Detecting (Dark), Output Transistor OFF (Non-Conducting)
ORG2: While Detecting (Light In), Output Transistor OFF (Non-Conducting)
[ ! ]On the XMPTG Series, conversion for output logic is available for the Home Sensor.
[ ! ]Sensors with Part Number PM-□24 are to be discontinued and replaced by next-generation products with Part Number PM-□25 from April 2017.

Basic Information

Type Z-Axis Motorized Stages Motor, Motor Characteristics 5-Phase Stepping Motor Resolution(µm) 1μm
Material Aluminum Guide Cross Roller Table feeding methods Ball screw
Through Hole (Table Center Hole) No Positioning Accuracy(µm) 15 Sensors Limit+Home+Near Home
Cable Cable not included

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