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Rolled Ball Screw Shaft Diameter 12 Lead 4

Rolled Ball Screw Shaft Diameter 12 Lead 4:Related Image
Rolled Ball Screw Shaft Diameter 12 Lead 4:Related Image
Rolled Ball Screw Shaft Diameter 12 Lead 4:Related Image
Nut TypeTypeAccuracy GradeShaft Dia.LeadScrew ShaftNut
StandardF, P Configurable[ M ]Material[ H ]Hardness[ S ]Surface Treatment[ M ]Material[ H ]Hardness[ S ]Surface Treatment
BSSCBSSCKC101241055 Carbon SteelInduction Hardened
-JIS SCM420HCarburized
155, 10
* Included Collar
[ M ] Material: 1045 Carbon Steel
[ S ] Surface Treatment: Black Oxide
* Included Collar
[ M ] Material: 1045 Carbon Steel
[ S ] Surface Treatment: Black Oxide


Part Number-L-F-P
Nut TypeAccuracy GradePart Number1mm IncrementYABBall Dia.Ball Center Dia.Screw Root Dia.Number of CircuitsBasic Load RatingAxial PlayTwisting Direction
TypeScrew Shaft O.D.LeadL*F*PC (Dynamic) kNCo (Static) kN
C10BSSC1204150~800158L-65--212.25(10.4)4 turns,
1 row
2.795.270.05 or LessRight
BSSC1505150~12001510L-6733223.17515.5(12.25)3 turns,
1 row or Less
* F and P are configurable for BSSCK only. [ ! ]F≤Px3 kgf=Nx0.101972


Rolled Ball Screw Shaft Diameter 12 Lead 4:Related Image
[ ! ] For installation method, see >> Click here

Part Number 

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Part Number
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to Ship Nut Structure Recirculating Method Screw Total Length L
Basic Load Rating, Dynamic Rating
Basic Load Rating, Static Rating

11 Days or more

SingleEnd Deflector Type150 ~ 80027905270


  1. 1

More Information

Rolled Ball Screw Shaft Diameter 12 Lead 4:Related Image
■Combination with Support Units
Ball Screw Part NumberRecommended Support Unit
TypeScrew Shaft O.D.LeadPart NumberShapeFixed SideSupport SidePage
Low Profile
 >> Click here
BUV10 >> Click here
BRW10SRound >> Click here
BUR10 >> Click here
Low Profile
 >> Click here
BUV12 >> Click here
BRW12Round >> Click here
BUR12 >> Click here
[ ! ]Other than the part numbers shown above, a variety of Support Units are also available. (>> Click here~ >> Click here)
■Combination with Nut Brackets
Ball Screw Part NumberRecommended Nut Bracket
TypeScrew Shaft O.D.LeadPart NumberPage
1204C>> Click here
15051505C>> Click here
101510C>> Click here
[ ! ]Other than the part numbers shown above, a variety of Nut Brackets are also available. (>> Click here)
[ ! ]Filled with lithium soap based grease (Alvania Grease S2 made by Showa Shell Sekiyu K.K).
[ ! ]For accuracy of Ball Screws, see >> Click here, >> Click here
[ ! ]For details of Support Units, see >> Click here~ >> Click here
[ ! ]Cautions: Do not let the nuts overrun its stroke or remove the nuts from the screw shafts.
It may cause the balls to fall out or damage the ball recirculation parts.
[ ! ]Included Collar is packaged together with main body of Ball Screws. Store this Included Collar with care since it is required when mating with Support Units.
[ ! ]Do not tilt the ball screw assembly since the nut may rotate off from the shaft due to its own weight.

Basic Information

Cost Efficient Standard Type Rolled Flange Shape Compact Flange
Accuracy Grade C10 Screw Shaft O.D.(φ) 12 Lead(mm) 4
Preload No Preload Nut Type Standard Nuts Operating Condition Standard
Twisting Direction Right Axial Play 0.05 or Less Number of Circuits(Rows X Turns) 1×4
Grease Type Standard Shaft End Length F(mm) 15 Shaft Dia. P(φ) 8
Shaft End Dimension (Fixed, Configurable) Fixed Nut Size Compact


質問: What is the allowable temperature range of your ballscrews?
回答: The standard allowable temperature range is 0°C to 80°C.
質問: Can I buy the nut or shaft separately?
回答: No, we do not offer the nut or shaft separately. The ball bearings inside the nut are sized to match each shaft to ensure proper clearance ranges.
質問: What grease is used for your Ball Screws?
回答: The standard grease is Alvania Grease S2 made by Showa Shell Sekiyu K.K. It is an EP 2 lithium bearing grease.
質問: What is the recommended lubrication schedule?
回答: As a rule of thumb, 100 km of linear travel is a good starting point for determining a lubrication schedule. The final schedule should be determined by the customer based on their specific appliation details (load, speed, temperature, contamination ,etc) and application experience.
質問: Do you offer food grade grease?
回答: No, we do not offer food grade grease as a standard option for ball screws.
質問: What does the dynamic load rating mean?
回答: The basic dynamic load rating (Ca) is used to calculate the service life of a ball screw in motion with its ball screw nut under an axial load. The basic dynamic load rating Ca means an axial load at which 90% of a group of identical ball screw units independently operating under the same conditions achieve a rated load of 10^6 revs (1 million revolutions) without causing flaking.
質問: Do you offer screws with right and left hand threads?
回答: We do not offer right and left hand threads on the same shaft as standard. For large volumes, it may be a custom option. Please contact engineering with application details.
質問: What is the difference between pitch and lead?
回答: The pitch is the distance between successive crests of the thread of a screw. The lead is the axial distance traveled by a screw in one turn.
質問: How does temperature increase affect the Ball Screw?
回答: An increase in the screw shaft temperature of 1°C expands the shaft by 12μm per meter. For this reason, although the lead of the Ball Screw is machined to a very high degree of precision, the thermal deformation caused by a temperature increase may reduce positioning accuracy.

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