Casters for Aluminum Extrusions - Antivibration

Casters for Aluminum Extrusions - Antivibration:
Type Caster Wheel Leveling Mount Pad ①Adjusting Knob Bearing
[ M ]Material [ S ]Surface Treatment [ M ]Material [ M ]Material [ S ]Surface Treatment [ M ]Material [ M ]Material Swiveling Part Wheel Part
AFCLA Aluminum Casting Alloy 383.0 Baked Finish (Silver) Reinforced Nylon (Black) 1018 Carbon Steel Trivalent Chromate Rubber (Shore A80) Polycarbonate Provided Provided


Part Number-Wheel Material
Part NumberWheel MaterialHExtrusionLeveling MountErAllowable Load (N)Mass
(Reinforced Nylon)
102(30, 40, 45 Sq.)91152508020001900
[ ! ]Only applicable to One-slot Type Extrusions only.

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Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to Ship RoHSWheel O.D. D

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Casters for Aluminum Extrusions - Antivibration:
· Fixed
①Turn the knob to lower the pad to the ground. (Temporary tightening)
②After confirming the height, fully tighten the nut beneath the knob.
Standing on the pad only, the caster is elevated above the ground.
③Tighten the lock nut.
(Torque applied by the lock nut gives loosening prevention effect against vibration.)

· Free
③Loosen the lock nut.
②Loosen the adjusting nut to release the screw.
①Turn the knob to raise the pad and lower the caster to the ground.

Basic Information

Type Casters - with Mounting Plate- Caster Type Antivibration for Aluminum Extrusions Wheel Material Reinforced Nylon

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