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Single Axis Actuator LX20 w/Motor, Standard Type (Part Numbers)

Single Axis Actuator LX20 w/Motor, Standard Type

Saves the trouble of designing and building! The product is available with motor and other peripherals included.

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Single Axis Actuator LX20 w/Motor, Standard Type:Related Image
[ ! ]For hole dimension details, >> Click here, >> Click here Avoid interference with Sensor Flag.
Actuator / Amplifier / Driver / Cable
Accessories: Instruction Manual for Driver
  Base Block
[ M ]Material Carbon Steel SCM Material
[ S ]Surface Treatment Low Temperature Black Chrome Plating
[ H ]Hardness Induction Hardened
Specification of Driver >> Click here~ >> Click here
Cable Specifications >> Click here


Part Number - Motor Type - Driver Type - Cable - Number of Sensors - Sensor & Rail Position - Base Length L
LXM2001 - T1 - D1 - 3 - 3 - R - 200
■Standard Specifications
Part Number Lead (mm) Ball Screw Diameter (mm) Positioning Repeatability (mm) Positioning (mm) Parallelism (mm) Backlash (mm) Allowable Static Moment (N·m)
Ma Mb Mc
LXM2001 1 Ø6
±0.003 0.02 0.01 0.003 27 27 93
LXM2005 5
LXM2001C 1
LXM2005C 5
*Allowable Static Moment Click here
■Control Functions
Manufacturer Name Motor Type Driver Type Motor Driver Set Part Number
Selection Motor Manufacturer Part Number Output / Type Brake (Note 1) Mass (kg) Selection Power Supply Manufacturer Part Number
T1E Stepping ARM26SAK αStep None 0.22 D1E DC24V ARD-K AR26SAK
T2E ARM46AC 0.47 D2E Single-phase
T2BE ARM46MC Included 0.62 D2E ARD-A AR46MA
T4E PKE545AC 5-phase None 0.38 D4E RKD503-A RKS545AA
T4BE PKE545MC-A1 Included 0.52 D6E RKSD503M-A -
■Load Capacity / Max. Velocity Correlation Table
Part Number Manufacturer Motor Type Load Capacity (kg) Max. Velocity (mm/sec)
Horizontal Vertical Horizontal Vertical
T1E 15 - 30 -
T2(B)E 2 45 50
T4(B)E 40 35
T1E 10 - 125 -
T2(B)E 2 200 225
T4(B)E 120 115
*Load capacity and max. velocity are reference values and may vary depending on operating conditions.
*Horizontal load capacity is for motor without brake and vertical load is for motor with brake.
*Distance for Acceleration / Deceleration: 25mm
■Motor Dimensions Table
Manufacturer Name Motor
Width B(mm) Width C(mm) Length D(mm) Height E
Bottom Height F
T1E 14 14 70 28 -1
T2E 21 21 75 34 -8
T2BE 104.6 34 -8
T4E 53 34 -8
T4BE 82 34 -8
*E, F Value in ( ) is for Sensor & Rail Position "Left".
■Cable Configuration List
Cables come with terminal plug that directly connects with motor, amplifier and driver.
Manufacturer Name Motor Type Motor Power Cable Brake Cable Encoder Cable
T1E 1 pc. CC030VA2R2 - -
T2E 1 pc. CC030VAR
T2BE 1 pc. CC030VARB(Cable Set for Motor With Electromagnetic Brake)
T4E 1 pc. CC030VPF -
T4BE 1 pc. CC030VPFB (Cable Set for Motor With Electromagnetic Brake)
■Dimensions / Actuator Body Mass
Part Number Item Base Length L (mm)
100 150 200
Effective Stroke (St)   30   80 130
A   20   15   40
P   60   60   60
Number of Pitches    1    2    2
Number of Holes N    4    6    6
Standard Type Body Mass (kg) 0.67 0.81 0.94
Cover Type Body Mass (kg) 0.69 0.63 0.95
*Mass shown includes actuator, coupling, sensor rail, 3 sensors and sensor flag. For motor mass, see the control function table.
(Note 1) Choose motor with brake when unit is used in vertical position.
(Note 2) When ordering "Without Driver" Type, driver is not included.
(Note3-1) When ordering "with cables" type, cables indicated in cable configuration list will be included with unit. Specifications >> Click here
(Note3-2) To use cables with length other than 3m, choose "without cable" type and order cable separately from the selection on Click here.
(Note 4-1) Sensor rail comes with the unit even when no. of sensor is specified as "none"; sensor flag will not be included.
(Note 4-2) Terminals for sensor cables is not provided. For details of sensors, see FPML24 on Click here.
Part Number Selection
Motor Type Driver Type Cable (Note 3) Number of Sensors (Note 4) Sensor & Rail Location Base Length L (mm)
Select from control function table Select from control function table Included (3m): 3
None: N
2 units: 2
3 units: 3
None: N
Right: R
Left: L
(50 Pitch)

Part Number 

  • Incomplete part number.
    Please use left hand selections to complete a part number.
Part Number
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to Ship Lead
Cover Table Width
Supply Voltage Drive Method Slider Material Slider Surface Finish Basic Load Rating, Dynamic Rating
Basic Load Rating, Static Rating
Allowable Static Moment MP
Allowable Static Moment MY
Allowable Static Moment MR
Positioning Repeatability
Positioning Accuracy
Running Parallelism
Operating Ambient Temperature
Maximum Velocity
Motor Type Cable Number of Sensors Base Overall Length [L]
Sensor, Rail Position



Basic Information

Cost Efficient Standard Main Body, Peripheral Components Main Body Nominal (Height) 20
Precision Precision Grade Motor Mounting Orientation Straight Grease Standard
With or w/o Motors Stepping Motor With or w/o Lubricant Unit Not Provided Ball Screw Shaft Dia.(Ø) 6
Table Length(mm) 33.2


質問: What is the life expectancy of an LX actuator?
回答: The theoretical life can be calculated using the formulas found at: https://us.misumi-ec.com/pdf/tech/mech/US2010_fa_p3495_3498.pdf?KWSearch=actuator+life

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