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Automatic Revolving Stages

Automatic Revolving Stages

Motorized Rotary Stages with high precision


  • After November 1, 2018, there will be some slight specification changes of photo Sensor as below.
    [Current Type]EE-SX4134→[New Type]EE-SX4320

Automatic Revolving Stages:

[ M ] Material: 440C Stainless Steel Equivalent
[ S ] Surface Treatment: Electroless Nickel Plating
[ A ] Accessory: SCB4-12 (4 pcs.)


Part Number Cable



Part Number Cable Mechanical Standards Accuracy Standards
Type No. Stage Surface
Distance (°)
Moment Rigidity
RMPG 40W N(Cable not included (separately sold))
For cables separately sold,
see MSCB_ option on P.1-1735-95
φ39 360° 0.4 0.05° or Less 0.74
60W φ59 0.6 0.84
60Z 0.7


Part Number 

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Part Number
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to Ship RoHSMinimum Resolution (Angle)
Outside diameter of table
Allowable Load
Table Parallelism

10 Days or more


10 Days or more


10 Days or more



  1. 1

More Information

■Common Specifications

No. 40W 60W 60Z
Feed Screw Worm Gear (1/120) Worm Gear (1/180)
Guide Deep Groove Ball Bearing
Resolution (Pulse) 0.006°(Full) 0.004°(Full)
Max. Speed 30°/sec[5khz] 20°/sec[5khz]
Positioning repeatability Within ±0.01°
Load Capacity 29.4N 9.8N
Lost Motion 0.05° or Less
Backlash 0.1° or Less 0.05° or Less
Parallelism 50μm or less
Eccentricity 5μm or less / Full Stroke
Surface Runout 30μm or less

■Electrical Specifications

Motor Type 5-Phase Stepping Motor 0.75A/Phase (Oriental Motor Co., Ltd.)
Part Number C005C-90215P
Step Angle 0.72°
Connector Part Number HR10A-10J-12P (73) (Hirose Electric Co., LTD.)
Compatible Receptacle Connector HR10A-10P-12S (73) (Hirose Electric Co., LTD.)
Sensor Limit Sensor Not Provided
Home Sensor
Slit Home Origin Sensor
Not Provided
Part Number Photomicrosensor: EE-SX4134 (OMRON Corp.)
Power Supply Voltage DC5~24V ±10%
Current Consumption 35mA or less
NPN Open Collector Output DC5~24V, 8mA or less
Residual Voltage 0.3V or less (when load current is 2mA)
Output Logic Detecting (Dark): Output Transistor OFF (Non-Conducting)

Automatic Revolving Stages:

Automatic Revolving Stages:


Basic Information

Type Motorized Rotary Stages Motor, Motor Characteristics 5-Phase Stepping Motor Material Aluminum
Guide Deep Groove Ball Bearing Table feeding methods Worm Gear Stroke (θ Angle)(deg) 360
Surface Treatment Black Anodize Through Hole (Table Center Hole) Presence Load Capacity (Range)(N) 5~30
Sensors Home Sensor

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