Controller for MISUMI Motorized Stages

Controller for MISUMI Motorized Stages
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MSCTL102/112 series are compact and easy-to-use stepper motor controllers, equipped with 2 sets of drivers for 5 phase stepping motor (0.75A/phase).
- Can interpolate 2 linear axis
- Can link up to 3 controllers (maximum 6 axis) with link cables.

Furthermore, with the use of USB hub connection,
- can control maximum 24 axis with a single PC (via USB hub)
- Can build a positioning system with controller PC by programming and teaching function
(need separately sold handheld terminal "HDT100" and control software "MSSOFT")

Controller for Automatic Stages:Related Image

Motorized Stage Controller Configuration



Part Number

-MS option: with Microstep driver (16 steps)
-IO option: with Universal I/O connector (See Optional Cables here)
                  Input 16 points (24V photo coupler)
                 Output 12 points (open collector)

Part NumberExternal DimensionsInput Power
Max. Power
Driver TypeDriver
 Rated Current 
  I/O connector 
 MSCT10214030090 AC100~240V±10% 
70W or lessNormal (Full/Half)0.75A/Phase2.2kg
102-MS Micro Step(16 steps)
11270165155 DC24V±10%2.5A or lessNormal (Full/Half)0.75A/Phase1.2kg
112-MS Micro Step(16 steps)

* MSCTL102 controller cannot be used with sensor voltage option of 24V for our motorized stage series, XMSG, XYMSG, ZMSG.
   If you purchase any of these series products, please make sure that you select 5V Sensor Voltage option.

Part Number 

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Part Number
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to Ship RoHSDriver Type I/O connector

10 Days or more

10Standard (Full/Half)Controller I/O Only

10 Days or more

10Standard (Full/Half)Additional Universal I/O

10 Days or more

10Microstep (16 steps)Additional Universal I/O

10 Days or more

10Microstep (16 steps)Controller I/O Only


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More Information

■Controller Performance Specifications

Number of Control Axes2
Coordinate Setting Range±99,999,999pls
Speed Setting Range1~999,999pps
Pulse Rate Rise Setting Range1~9,999pps
Acceleration/Deceleration Time Range1~9,999ms
Mechanical Limit2 for Each Axis: CW/CCW Direction (Input logic reversal is possible)
Near Home Detection1 for Each Axis (Input logic reversal is possible)
Home Detection1 for Each Axis (Input logic reversal is possible)
Home Detection Method12 Routine Types
Home Position1 Point/Axis (Configurable freely within effective range)
External Communication
RS232C: 4,800~38,400bps [D-SUB9 Pin Male] (Part, Catalog)
USB2.0: Compatible with Full/Low Speed only [USB Mini B Terminal] (Part, Catalog)
Control I/O: 9 Inputs (24VDC Opto-coupler Inputs), 12 Outputs (Open Collector Outputs)
LinkRS485 (It can externally control up to 3 stages and up to 6 axes in daisy chain.)
Programming8 Programs (100 Steps/Program; Starts and stops by control I/O signals)
Teaching64 Points (positioning is commendable from signal I/O)
Interpolation6-Axis Linear Interpolation (however, linear semi-interpolation between the linked stages is possible)
General Purpose I/O(When a product with the "-IO" No. assigned is selected) Control I/O: 16 Inputs: 24VDC Opto-coupler Inputs, 12 Outputs: Open Collector Outputs

[ ! ]To facilitate the settings for Programming/Teaching for MSCTL102/112 Series, use of HDT100 Handset Terminal or of the dedicated software, "MSSOFT," (sold separately), is recommended.


Basic Information

Input Power Supply AC100-240V

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