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Misumi Purge Agent (20 kg/bag) MPG-S

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Misumi Purge Agent (20 kg/bag)
Part Number: MPG-S

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Misumi Purge removes old molding materials and dirt inside the machine before changing the resin or color inside an injection molding machine.
It is also effective for removing carbides that are stuck to screws and cylinders of molding machines.
It helps reduce the total cost of molding, by reducing the time required for color change and resin change as well as reducing the percentage of defects caused by foreign matter.
It can be used for extruders and blow molding machines in addition to injection molding machines.


  • 20 kg per bag. Enter the quantity "10" when ordering 200 kg.

Specifications of MPG-S

Please check the type/dimensions/specifications of the part MPG-S in the Misumi Purge Agent (20 kg/bag) series.


Specification Table

Part Number
Part NumberWeight
(per bag)
Usable TemperatureFillerCharacteristicsCompatible Resin
MPG-S20 kg
*Order in units of bags
170 to 320°CNone containedFor general resin. As it does not contain filler, it will not damage screws and cylinders.PE, PP, PS, ABS, AS, PMMA, PVC
[ ! ]、POM[ ! ]
For engineering plastics and super engineering plastics .As glass filler is not used, it reduces wear on screws and cylinders.PA6, PA66, PC, PET, PBT, m-PPE, PPS, PSF, PPO, LCP
MPG-HRCA purging agent with a scent of soap for those who are sensitive to odor. Suitable for engineering plastics and super engineering plastics, with the same detergency and compatible resins as MPG-HR.
As it contains glass filler, it is suitable for washing stubborn dirt such as carbides adhered to screws and cylinders. For engineering plastics and super engineering plastics.

Generally, PVC has a molding temperature of 170°C or less, but the purge temperature should be increased to around 170°C for use.
Although POM is an engineering plastic, it has a low molding temperature as a rule, so the use of MPG-S is generally recommended.
The packaging is 20 kg per bag. Be sure to order in units of bags. For example, when ordering 200 kg, set the quantity to 10.

More Information

Usage Example

■ Usage

Misumi Purge Agent (20 kg/bag): Related Image


■Usage Amount Guidelines                                                                                                                   

Molding Machine (Mold Clamping Force)Usage Amount Guidelines
50 to 90 tons0.2 to 0.5kg
100 to 150 tons1.0 to 1.5kg
200 to 600 tons2.0 to 4.0kg
700 to 1,500 tons5.0 to10kg

■ Selection examples by purpose of use 

Part NumberMPG-SMPG-HR
Holiday Seal
(Long-term Filling)
Removal of stubborn carbides, etc.
Cleaning hot runnersProhibited

                                        ◎: Recommended ○: Usable △: Unsuitable
 "Retention" refers to the molding machine not discharging the purge agent from the overheating cylinder during operation, and instead keeping it at the molding temperature for several minutes (3 to 5 minutes) in the heating cylinder.
 "Long-term filling" refers to filling the inside of the heating cylinder with a replacement purge agent and keeping it with the heater power off or at low temperature for 24 hours or longer.
MPG-G cannot be used for retention, long-term filling or cleaning hot runners.


■More Effective Usage
• The purge temperature is the same as the molding temperature of the molded resin, but it is more effective if set higher by 5 to 10°C in the front part of the heating cylinder and the nozzle.
• For stubborn dirt on the nozzle and screw head, it is recommended to retain the purge agent for several minutes (3 to 5 minutes)
and then perform a short purge. This usage method is prohibited for "MISUMI Purge MPG-G".
• If the previous resin remains in the vicinity of the nozzle and check valve, it is recommended to fill the purge material while allowing the nozzle to come in contact with the mold (covering the nozzle hole) to apply back pressure,
then retract the injection table and perform injection two or three times to purge.
• After washing with "Misumi Purge", it may remain if the resin to be molded next is highly fluid.
In this case, it is recommended to perform auxiliary purging using the same type of resin with low fluidity before molding.

■Precautions for Use and Handling
• Be sure to read the SDS (MSDS) before use.
• Keep the purge temperature strictly within the temperature range of "Misumi Purge".
• Do not retain "Misumi Purge MPG-G" in the cylinder for a long time.
• Do not drink or consume "Misumi Purge", or inhale the gas generated during use.
• "Misumi Purge" is combustible. Keep it away from ignition sources during use and storage.
• Discard "Misumi Purge" and its waste as general industrial waste.
• If pellets spill, collect them and take appropriate measures.



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